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March 25, 2018
It’s done and it’s beautiful.
The Whipping Post , book two in the Idlewild Series, is available.

Abby is still stirring up trouble. She told Sheriff Hicks she carries a calamity apple in her pocket, and that’s why bad luck follows her around. Her loon still speaks at night. Cassandra still prophecies. Bear and Shorty guard, and Samuel . . . well he is around whether she wants him there or not.

The Whipping Post dissects the rights of mankind – of both genders. It puts right and wrong under a magnifying glass. It tugs at the heart of motherhood, of marriage, of courage and honor. I learned about my own honor – or lack thereof – from the writing of this book, and I hope to continue in book three.

Thank you Idlewild.

February 2, 2018
Leaving Nirvana–eBook on sale at Amazon for only $1.99 in celebration of Black History Month

This harsh yet humorous novel centers in Idlewild, Michigan, the only major resort where African Americans were free to eat, sleep and play during the first half of the twentieth century. In the turbulent twenties, Idlewild became a haven for black entertainers and middle-class families looking for serenity and acceptance

        Upcoming events

You can become a character in the next book!

Chase Library will host a book launch for The Whipping Post, Saturday, June 2, 2018, between 11:00 and 2:00 P.M.
Light refreshments will be served. You’ll snack, socialize, and register to win door prizes – one, a chance to be in the third Idlewild book. Verna, in the Hersey Series, was real. Did you know that? If you’re selected and wish to become a character, we’ll talk and you’ll have the opportunity to describe who you are (or who wish to be). Your name can be used but doesn’t have to be.

Please join us. I had so much fun last year with Roxanne and the gang at the Chase Library, I look forward to doing it again.

Questions? Email me. julianne@julisisung.com
See you there.
Chase Township Public Library
8400 East North Street, Chase, Michigan 49623

As events come up I will post the where, the when, and maybe even the why.  

Katie Zubricky - Elephant in the Room, Angels in the Corner, Light in the Forest
Amazing story, amazing writing, truly exceptional! I fell in love with each character and felt a strong connection to each and every person. I couldn't put the book down until the very last sentence and even then, yearn for more.
Word of advice to future readers, stock up on tissues!

Loved the second book! Made my heart smile! Such a perfect continuation! I'm in love! Beautifully written, completely captured my heart! Can't wait to start the next one!

Such a beautiful story! Completely captivating from beginning to end! All I can really say is, I want more!

Paul Grabiel - Elephant in the Room, Angels in the Corner
JuliAnne...The Family Saga has drawn me in...Your details of character and action are very hard to put down.

This historical fiction has me hooked and I'm waiting for book number 3...and 4...and Jacquie has just finished them as well...I feel like I'm an observing member in the family and these people are my friends...and not without emotion...Great Work!

I am now an avid Sisung reader as well as a fishing friend!!!

Sheryl Simons - Elephant in the Room
Juli, I so loved your book, Elephant in the Room. You really bring the characters alive! I read as often as I could, on lunch hours and before sleep. Made a very enjoyable week! I will certainly share your book with my friends.

I have only one regret and that is that I didn't purchase all three books at the time! Anyone who loves reading historical novels like Janette Oke, etc. would love your writing. I always say too many books, so little time!

Thank you, Sheryl with an S! met you at Big Rapids art fair and ps, will order your other books soon!

Gabrielle Lipari - Elephant in the Room
Great novel!!!!

There wasn't a single page I turned in this book that didn't satisfy. This family's struggles and triumphs were an emotional roller coaster that I couldn't put down!

The love and inspiration you feel in this book really makes you grateful for life experiences and I can't wait to read more!

S. Dixon - Elephant in the Room

Charming book. Author truly draws you into the story, making it hard to put down. Great character development and descriptions. Looking forward to future books. :)

        Thank you
The Family Saga series is doing well thanks to all of you, and I love your comments (especially the praise).

I am inspired by all the great feedback you’ve given me concerning the first three books in the series. Thank you so very much.

Would you consider leaving a review at Amazon or Barnes and Nobles? They will accept your review even if you purchased through me and not at their online store.

Reviews are important to new authors. Stores like Amazon won’t elevate my work to a place where it’s advertised without reviews. They’re funny that way. Barnes and Nobles, too.

Thank you again.

Have a good day and thanks for checking in.

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